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IPv6 Enabled Networks


This graph shows the percentage of networks (ASes) that announce an IPv6 prefix for a specified list of countries or groups of countries


For every date we sampled, we took all BGP table dumps from the Routing Information Service (RIS) and counted the percentage of ASes that announced an IPv6 prefix, relative to the total number of ASes in this routing table. We removed routes that were visible in less then 10 RIS BGP feeds [1]. We mapped the ASes to country using the RIR stats files. To assess the accuracy of that mapping we compared it to geolocating all announced IPv4 space for an AS. Geolocation was done with the MaxMind geolocation database. We found that in 89% of ASes all IPv4 address space geolocated to the same country as RIR stats. An extra 5% of ASes geolocated to multiple countries, but the largest fraction of address space geolocated to the same country as RIR stats. Some countries do not show up in this graph, either because there are no ASes in the RIR stats for that country, or the ASes listed for the country are not announcing any address space.

[1] This change was made August 2017 and we reran the full dataset with this filter. Previous to this change the percentage of IPv6 enabled networks was slightly larger, by at most a few tenths of percents.